Colored contacts for dark eyes

Occasions calling for white contacts are among the rarest. White contacts are definitely horror movie or Halloween party stuff, or when you just want to freak out your friends. The sclera is the only part of the eye that is white. The iris is usually brown (the most common color), green (the least common color), gray, blue or a combination of these. With white contacts, you can make the entire eye or part of it appear white.
There are three basic varieties of white contacts: those without special effects, glow-in-the-dark white contacts, and full white-out contacts. For a person looking for colored contacts for dark eyes, opaque tint white contacts should be chosen.
The most popular white contacts are those without special effects. This variety covers the iris but allows the pupil to be visible. Although not as white as the sclera, white contacts of this sort make the iris appear very light-colored. Glow-in-the-dark white contacts also cover only the iris leaving the pupil visible. They have a very dramatic and attention-grabbing effect, making them ideal for Halloween parties or as part of the costume of an actor on stage or screen. White contacts that cover the entire eye are usually not recommended because they cover both the iris and the pupil of the eye resulting in impairment of sight. Sometimes called a “Blind Eye”, this type of white contacts makes a person look dead or with his eyes rolled to the back of the head. They should be used, when necessary, only for a very short period of time.

Colored contacts for dark eyes


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